Entrepreneur, sales expert and investor

Andreas Fleck – Investments

The advancing digitization inspires developers and start-ups daily to new solutions and products.

This requires very fast marketing and a sales staff that is in constant and close exchange with the customer to successfully position and monetize these products and solutions.

For more than a decade I have been successfully involved in the strategic direction of companies and the set-up and restructuring of sales teams in various sizes and areas of digitization.

I focus on strategic development, the successful solution of sales issues along with the re-orientation of business organizations.
My focus: Start-ups and established companies with the capacity for growth.

The worm must be attractive to the fish, not to the fisherman.

Prof. Dr. Helmut Thoma

For whom I work

and why.

In the fast-developing digital world, I offer support to young, innovative and already established companies in focusing on the essential: the customer!

Often there is no shortage of innovative products – usually the successful marketing and the lack of knowledge of the needs of the customer is a major deficiency and obstacle to succeed with a good idea.

People buy from people.

Even in times of digitization.

Nowadays, customer are much better informed and are looking for very specific answers to their explicite business questions. This requires solution-oriented actions of the seller.

My offer

Organization, Business, Sales

I advise companies on the development of their organization and their orientation towards a solution-oriented and therefore customer-oriented company. From the business and customer side!

My consulting offer includes – but not only:

  • customer acquisition
  • creation of innovative and ultimately profitable offers
  • successful closings

My field of activity

Business consulting, corporate investments

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